House Move

House move

Moving from one house to another can be a daunting task. The process of packing takes a lot of time. However, the work does not end here. You must also ensure that your belongings are safely removed from the old to new premises. Handing these tasks can cause a terrible headache. This is where house move service companies like Royal moving come in.

Services offered by Royal house move

Below are some services offered by Royal house move:
Removal services- The company offers removal services for residential and industrial facilities. It applies the best techniques for moving household and business items with utmost care and professionalism. Professionals with ample experience conduct the removal services.
• Transportation- The team offers transportation services for regular and delicate products like pianos. The professionals work hard to ensure that your belongings are not damaged during transportation.
• Moving cleaning- The company also offers professional cleaning services. This ensures that the property handover from which you are moving goes smoothly. They also offer cleaning services for your belongings, like mats to smoothen your move.
• Disposal- The team also offers disposal services for all belongings you do not want to bring to your new premises. Recycling services are also provided.
• Storage- Royal also offers temporary and long-term storage for your furniture and belongings at a small cost. Therefore, you can rest assured that all your belongings will be safe until you find a place for them in your new premises.

Why should you let Royal Moving help with your house move?

The market has a wide range of moving companies, like Royal Moving. Below are some things that should motivate you when choosing an ideal company for the task:


When choosing a company to help you move from one place to another, one of the essential elements to consider is their experience. A company like Royal Moving would be an ideal choice because of its ample experience in the sector. The employees working for the company also need ample experience. This way, you can rest assured that the job will be handled correctly.


The moving company should also offer a level of flexibility. This includes flexibility in the moving times and the services offered. You need a company that can work around your schedule and offer tailored services. Remember that your moving needs may differ from other people’s. Therefore, you need a company that will provide services depending on your unique needs.


The cost of the moving services is also an element worth considering. Royal Moving offers affordable prices depending on the amount of work and the location for the move. The type of services or the moving package you select will also influence your charged amount. For instance, with Royal Moving, you will pay extra if you choose added services like storage and cleaning. On the other hand, the services will be cheaper if you only go for the removal and transportation services. Regardless, the company’s prices are still relatively attractive.

Additional services

Other than the conventional removal and moving services, when choosing a moving company, you must also consider the additional services offered by the company. For instance, Royal Moving offers additional services like storage and cleaning. It would be wise to choose a company that offers these extra services instead of working with several different companies. It eliminates the headache and gives you a sense of security.

Royal Moving offers house move services in the following areas in Switzerland:
• Zug
• Ehrendingen
• Turgi
• Baden
• Zürich
• Neuenhof
• Wettingen
• Gebenstorf
• Fislisbach
• Ennetbaden
• Birmenstorf
• Obersiggenthal


With moving companies like Royal Moving, moving does not have to stress you out anymore. You can delegate all the complex parts of moving, and rest assured that they will be done to perfection.