Business Removals

Royal Umzug GmbH is the reliable company for you when it comes to business, shop, office and company removals. With our fleet of vehicles, our technical tools and of course our service consciousness and unbeatable pricing, we have already convinced countless firms and SMEs.

An office removal can be a stressful job with some unpleasant surprises along the way. However, the final price shouldn’t come as a shock to you at the end of your removal job. At Royal Umzug GmbH, we’re committed to complete transparency: no unpleasant surprises before, during or after your move. There should be no room for failure, especially in business and office removals. We take this into account and therefore act proactively and accurately to meet your needs and your time frame.

For a company move, our team at Royal Umzug will endeavour to create a detailed removal plan that covers all your needs. We know that every business move is unique and individual and take this fact into account: Our removal adviser will work with you on your premises and evaluate your requests and needs put together a corresponding plan with a quote. Tailor-made to your budget and tuned to your time and removal requirements.

Royal Umzug GmbH provides

  • Transparent pricing
  • Insurance cover
  • Complete service options
  • Unbeatable quality customer service
  • Disassembly and reassembly of all your furniture, desks and store layout etc.
  • Logistics that guarantee continuous work without significant interruptions
  • Furniture lift
  • Prior visit from removal adviser
  • Removal coordinator during your move

Safety and discretion

Safety and discretion are Royal Umzug GmbH’s top priority: our employees are properly trained for this so that your belongings are transported in a professional manner. No matter whether it’s a local removal in Cantons Aargau, Zürich and Zug or in the rest of Switzerland, Royal Umzug GmbH guarantees care-free, cost-effective and speedy company removals.