Furniture lift

Make your move easy, efficient and cost-effective with a furniture lift: in many cases, a furniture lift is the tool of choice for both your building and furnishings. With its furniture lift, Royal Umzug GmbH will make sure your move is easier than ever before.

The furniture lift makes the move so much easier – particularly in buildings without their own lift. The furniture lift does the work quickly. Instead of having to lift TVs and cabinets carefully down the stairs, the furniture lift will do the work for you. This means you can overcome at least x floors (X metres).

A furniture lift is also perfect for small or contorted homes, where bulky items don’t fit through the doorframes or staircases. Basically, the entire household can be moved using a lift. Our removal advisor will determine with you on location where our furniture lift would be best used. Sometimes the furniture lift can save you money, as fewer removal helpers are required. The furniture lift is also best suited to office and business removals.

We can also hire out the lift separately without a removal package. However, operations must be instructed beforehand – contact us now, we’re happy to help you further.