Piano transport

Special care needs to be taken when transporting musical instruments. Particularly, string instruments like pianos and keyboards need to be moved as little as possible. And if need be, it goes without saying that musical instruments will be transported from A to B carefully with the utmost professionalism.

Moving can be a daunting task, but with the help of professional removal company like Royal Umzug GmbH, you can make the whole process much easier. Above all, this applies to large and bulky furniture as well as pianos and keyboards. These instruments are particularly delicate and therefore need special expertise for their removal If we know anything about removals, it’s how heavy and bulky pianos are to move. Leave it to us to move your piano! We will absolutely take over the transport of your instrument to various venues if you are a professional musician. If you need to store your beloved instrument temporarily, we’ve got the right solution for you too!

At Royal Umzug GmbH, we know that pianos aren’t just expensive and fragile, they often have a sentimental value too. That’s why protecting your beloved instrument throughout your move is our top priority. From pianos and grand pianos to clavinovas and keyboards to concert pianos: We’re a competent contact fo you!

Our removal team will ensure that every instrument is properly protected when it is moved to a (new) location.