Piano transport

Do you own a piano which is now to be transported to the new domicile? It’s child’s play with Royal Removal’s piano transport service. If a move is imminent, experience has shown that transport tends to be difficult.

Many moving companies do not offer piano transport. Perhaps for fear of accidentally damaging or dropping the precious and expensive instrument. Especially when the customer may not live on the ground floor and stairs are involved in the transportation. And ordering a piano transport separately can definitely cost money. We at Royal Removal GmbH are there at such moments. Our team of removal helpers is supplemented by specially trained employees.

We transport the following keyboard instruments for you:

  • pianos
  • wings
  • Clavinovas
  • digital pianos
  • concert grand pianos

We know the great emotional, but also financial value pianos have for pianists. Especially if they earn their money with the instruments as professional musicians, they must always be in top condition and must not be damaged by moves and transport. As a musician, you depend on the piano working perfectly and having a pleasant sound. Therefore, the instrument should be moved as little as possible. Moving to a new location can easily put a piano out of tune. Switching should therefore take place as seldom as possible and only if there is no other possibility.

Piano transports at Royal Removals

However, if you move, you have no choice but to take your piano with you and move it. Should this become necessary, we at Royal Removal are there for you. We know how sensitive the music giants are and how careful they need to be treated. Due to their large and bulky appearance, transport is particularly tricky. Pianos are not only particularly large, they can also be quite heavy. And a diet is really out of the question with an instrument. That’s why many moving companies have concerns about transporting a piano. But not the team from Royal Removal. We know how important it is for a musician to have their instrument transported safely and undamaged from one place to another. The professional musicians among you in particular know that. We are happy to take on these transports as well. As a professional moving company, we move your instrument and transport it to the new venue, if desired. Pianos of all kinds are valuable and accordingly difficult to store and transport. If you cannot store your instrument in your new home immediately, the Royal Removals GmbH team will be happy to store it for you. As long as you need accommodation for your piano. Moving can be stressful, and especially when it has to be done quickly, something can happen in the rush and the expensive piano can be damaged. With us you will find highly trained employees who are specially trained and sensitized to the transport of an instrument. Thanks to our highly professional team, we can rule out damage to your valuable instrument. With us, your piano will be professionally declared and moved with great care. Especially if you come across a company that is not familiar with the piano transport, unwanted incidents, damage and extra costs can occur.

Our advice

We send our relocation experts to your home in advance so that they can professionally assess the instrument and the transport route in advance. The greatest asset of a service provider is the satisfaction of its customers. We stand for a high level of quality and focus on a smooth process of the move and on the fact that you have little stress. Feel free to contact us in advance and secure a free initial consultation and a non-binding initial inspection of the items to be transported. The team at the Royalmove GmbH moving company looks forward to providing you and your piano with a stress-free and easy move. Feel free to browse our website and benefit from our extensive offers and our transparency. With us you will not find any hidden costs or deceptive packages. Royal Relocation is dedicated to making it possible for you to relocate a king or queen. What we stand with our name. Royal relocation GmbH attaches great importance to friendliness and customer service. So that you really do feel like royalty as you begin life in your new home. With a piano, of course, and after our transport with just as much joy in playing as before.