Private removals are a challenge for many which many dread. But this shouldn’t be the case – quite the opposite! Your move will be a walk in the park with us because we’ll bring you all our experience and our cost-effective prices.

No need to stress with our quality removal service. Royal Umzug GmbH is true to its name with its high-class service, transparent prices and friendly, competent consultation. Our whole range of options give you ample opportunity to decide how much you want to be involved in your move.

Moving will be a walk in the park with us! We will organise and manage your move from start to finish, even outside our catchment area (Cantons Zürich, Zug and Aargau). We offer tailor-made service fitted to your needs and requirements. Royal Umzug GmbH will complete every job quickly with professionalism and efficiency. You’ll benefit from our expertise, our experience and our unbeatable pricing.

Of course, you will only pay for the services you really want. We guarantee your belongings will arrive safe and intact at your new address. This applies to bulky, valuables and antiques or pianos and paintings.

So that we can evaluate exactly which vehicles and equipment are required for your move, one of our removal advisers will carry out a free inspection of your property and send you a detailed quote afterwards. This quote will be transparent and binding for us. There will be no additional hidden costs for you. Naturally, we will gladly clarify the most important questions for you over the phone or by e-mail beforehand: Contact us any time – no commitment via our via form. Your move will be a success with us. We have the logistical expertise and the specialist operational skills to ensure that your move goes smoothly.
The employees of Royal Umzug GmbH will endeavour to make your move as comfortable as possible. On request, we will offer you an unpacking service to help you settle into your new home. Contact us today to get qualified removal advice you at your property. We look forward to hearing from you.