Your partner for removals in Europe and beyond

You are drawn to the world, we accompany you bag and baggage, almost to every place around the globe. Whether you are planning a move to a neighboring country in Europe or overseas: we ensure a professional move from door to door with all the convenience services.

But moving abroad means a lot of stress and work. A lot has to be organized and at the same time normal life should be continued.

So it’s good to have an experienced and well-versed specialist at your side who knows exactly what needs to be done and can make your life easier.

From a logistical point of view, moving abroad is far less complicated than it was 30 years ago, but one should not underestimate the task for the moving company. Precise planning is therefore essential.

Ultimately, the route, the number of employees and vehicles used and the services booked are decisive for the costs of a move abroad. For certain destinations, external factors such as motorway tolls or ferries must also be taken into account.

Due to our experience in Europe-wide moves abroad, we can send you an offer quickly and easily. Since the step into a new phase of life must be well organized and carried out cleanly, you should not consider the costs as the decisive factor.

Do you want to move abroad or from abroad to Switzerland? Whether you are moving from Zurich to Berlin, from Lucerne to London or from abroad to Switzerland, you will always receive professional service.

  • Including customs formalities
  • Careful planning
  • Full service with door-to-door service
  • On water, land and in the air

Option storage

If you are only temporarily moving abroad and would like to store your furniture, we offer a clean storage option. For example, as an expat for an international company or as a student for a trip around the world, you always have a backup.