Beginning new stage in your life, facing a professional challenge or an unexpected change often means you have to store some of your furniture temporarily – whether long or short-term. It’s often an expensive process: but not with Royal Umzug GmbH – we provide lots of space for very little money.

There are often situations where you need to find a quick and inexpensive solution to store your furniture, musical instruments and office furniture. We’ll take care of the big and little issues of storage: whether just a few days or several months or years. Royal Umzug GmbH has the right storage spaces for every situation and time period.

Our solutions are particularly ideal for storage/interim storage for cases where your new address isn’t completed, when you begin a new chapter in your life or have taken a temporary job abroad. Our low prices are unbeatable and are tailored to your requirements, time periods and volumes. We also provide special spaces for particularly awkward or delicate objects.

Our storage offers cover every need, requirement or budget. Of course we will do this with discretion. Furniture in interim storage is also properly insured. You will have 24/7 access to the warehouse and can constantly set up your new home. Should you need any help transporting your furniture from our warehouse, we’ll be there to help you with our fleet of vehicles.

Are you sure how much storage space you need? We’ll gladly help you with this. Unlike other providers, we’re committed to clear and transparent prices: no hidden costs, no retroactive debiting and no nasty surprises.

Our name is programme. Royal Umzug GmbH also provides service fit for a king at unbeatable prices with its storage options.

It often makes sense to “have a muck out” and part ways with some of your furniture and objects. Aside from our storage spaces in Zürich and Schlieren, we offer a comprehensive decluttering service. We will gladly inform you about our possible combo packages at attractive prices.